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Really enjoying this book exploring the interrelatedness of all things and the complexity of our world.  The need to dispense with tough edges and allow things to fuse and meld and recognise subjective and embodied forms of knowing.  Not knowing and uncertainty are welcome here…. lovely poetry too.





This article provides very interesting reading on the relationship between body movement and posture and emotional response and perception :


Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Autism :


“Embodied Lives, Reflections of the Influence of Saprapto Suryodarmo and Amerta Movement”
Published by Triarchy Press (2014). Edited by Katya Bloom, Margit Galanter and Sandra Reeve.

Saprapto Suyurdarmo is a Javanese Movement Artist, whom I have read about many times. I know he has influenced many artists but I have not yet found a way to study with him myself. Each chapter of the book is written by an established movement based practitioner, dancers, therapists, educators, and reveals the influence that his practice ” Amerta Movement” has had on their lives, their creativity, their lived experience and their working practice with children and adults.

I particularly love Katya Bloom’s Chapter as it resonates so deeply with my own experience of becoming sensitised to the experience of my body (it doesn’t just happen) and for it’s revelations of infantile movement and experience.