Creative Supervision

Introductory rates of £20 from now until June 2021. Via Zoom or in Central London.*

Our implicit, embodied knowledge plays a huge part in our understanding of the world, our relationships and our communication with others. We literally know more than we ‘think’ and when it comes to the complexities of dynamic relating with our clients and colleagues, drawing on this type of knowing can be transformational. Creative approaches within the supervision space offers access to this abundant well spring of interpersonal knowing, in service of our professional relationships to help, heal, educate and safeguard children and adults.

For Counsellors, Arts Therapists and Psychotherapists

Regular clinical supervision provides space for reflecting deeply on the dynamics of your clinical relationships. You may be an arts (music, drama, art or dance movement) or play therapist or you may privilege a more verbal approach in your practice. The creative supervision approach I am providing will suit those seeking to develop their personal sense of embodiment and how drawing on this can facilitate growth and development for both client and therapist.

Practitioners in the Arts, Social Care, Health and Education Settings

Relationships are at the heart of any work which aims to keep safe and support the personal, social, emotional and cognitive growth and development of children, young people and adults. Having a safe, confidential space in which to reflect upon the dynamics of your relationships and practice with service users and colleagues can transform your practice. Teachers / social workers / independent health practitioners / youth workers and managers or anyone seeking a relational, embodied approach to developing their work in ways that go beyond applying traditional ‘strategies’ will find benefits in regular supervision.

*I have 10 years clinical experience and am studying for a diploma in supervision at the London Centre for Psychodrama which I will gain in 2021.  This reduced rate supervision forms part of my training and reflects my experience.  I will receive clinical supervision from a senior psychotherapist to support me in my own supervision practice.