Children and Young People

Central to my work with children and young people is a knowledge of child development, and the impact of trauma, neglect, loss and bereavement, illness and physical impairments upon their capacity to self regulate, express themselves and relate to others in positive and meaningful ways. Alongside this knowledge is an experiential, creative, empathic and relational framework for understanding how to help children to begin to heal from such experiences.  Safeguarding is paramount, along with knowledge of legal frameworks regarding risk of harm, mental capacity, consent and participation, confidentiality and parental rights and responsibilities.


Body Movement Psychotherapy for children and young people may rely much less on verbal communication – particularly if the child is non verbal.  For a typically developing child, language development happens through play, and through body movement so everything that happens in the therapeutic space is supporting social, emotional, and cognitive growth.


The Benefits

✴ Positive touch and tactile play stimulates masses of neurological activity in the brain, integrating feeling and action, essential for wellbeing.

✴ Moving together improves confidence, a sense of belonging and social skills.

✴ Assessment of a child through movement can offer valuable insight into feelings, sensory and developmental needs.

✴ Feelings have a powerful effect on behaviour. Exploring them creatively with a qualified therapist can be a great relief for children and is important for mental health.

✴ Everything about Moving and Being is child centred, developmentally appropriate, nurturing and fun.