Dance Movement Therapy & Early Years

The Moving and Being Early Years program is a movement play and dance program for children from 0- 5 years, their parents and carers, integrating key aspects of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) into early learning environments to support wellbeing.  Involving music, song, games and colourful props, movement is the language through which children explore feelings, ideas and relationships encouraging social, emotional and physical integration. It’s educational and therapeutic, creative and fun, parent friendly and children love it.


Who is it for ?

It can be particularly helpful for children with :

✴ Emotional / behavioural difficulties.
✴ Social / communication difficulties.
✴ Non verbal or ESL.
✴ ASD spectrum.
✴ Learning difficulties
✴ Poor co-ordination, low muscle tone.

How does it work ?

Whether you are a nursery, children’s centre or school, the Moving and Being approach can be offered in a number of ways :

✴ Parent and Child Movement Play Groups – Open, lively, and fabulous for confidence and social skills as children and parents learn to dance together, with increasing complexity.

✴ Children’s Movement Play Groups – A chance to let the body talk, encouraging self expression, creative thinking, cooperation, turn taking and social skills.

✴ 1:1 Dance Movement Therapy – for children who struggle with social interaction or have behavioural problems. Relating through movement is incredibly motivating and satisfying, supporting concentration and relationship.

✴ Parent and Child Play Sessions – encouraging tactile movement and expressive communication which develops the emotional bond and strengthens attachment.


The Benefits

✴ Positive touch and tactile play stimulates masses of neurological activity in the brain, integrating feeling and action, essential for wellbeing.

✴ Moving together as part of a group improves confidence, a sense of belonging and social skills.

✴ Assessment of a child through movement can offer valuable insight into feelings, sensory and developmental needs.

✴ Feelings have a powerful effect on behaviour. Exploring them creatively with a qualified therapist can be a great relief for children and is important for mental health.

✴ Everything about Moving and Being is child centred, developmentally appropriate, nurturing and fun.