Body Mapping


Currently no Body Mapping Workshops Planned.  Please get in touch to register your interest.

Body Mapping is a gentle, therapeutic process that invites you to take time to listen deeply to your body.  It’s an opportunity to settle into being, making time and space to allow ones intuitive sense to speak, through movement, gesture, images, feelings and sensations.  Gradually, over the course of the day, you will create a full size imprint of your body where your somatic experience can be mapped in colours, shapes, and textures.  By bringing the imagination and the senses into play, Body Mapping allows the small voices of intuition and true nature to speak, supporting healing and growth, particularly during times of change.

Sharing as a group is a powerful part of the process and there is an agreement of confidentiality.  I supply a broad range of art materials for you to work with and create a warm, comfortable space for you to inhabit for the day.  Your map is yours to take away with you.  No previous experience is necessary although a willingness to be guided into your inner world of sensation is helpful.

I am a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with a background in the arts and somatic movement practices.  Please email me to register your interest :

Please do share with friends.   I really look forward to being with you in this creative space.  Another dates coming up in March….