Why Moving and Being

We are moving beings, always in motion, going here and there, growing towards or away from people, places, things.  My own journey, in essence, has been one of becoming aware of the very minuscule movements of the body, such as the breath, as a way of feeling grounded and centred.  And since we usually can’t think our way out of our difficulties and problems, by working mindfully, creatively, and sensitively with our body we can create time for really listening to what is important, meaningful, rejuvenating for us.

What does Moving and Being Offer ?

I create safe environments and offer guidance for people to tune into the subtle and profound experience of the moving body.  I offer private, clinical Dance Movement Psychotherapy that can help you to explore specific issues of health and wellbeing in the safety of a professional therapeutic relationship.  I offer Body Mapping intensives, these are more like workshops, for small groups.  I also offer somatic movement exploration workshops, tapping into embodied creativity as way to listen deeply to your body.  I aim to provide a way into movement for the absolute beginner and the cynic.

Who is it for and who do I work with ?

Whether you are experiencing pain, illness, anxiety or stress as a result of major life changes, loss, grief, injury or trauma or whether you want to live a more creative and mindful life, or simple recognise your need to move creatively, more regularly.  The people I work with may or may not have a medical diagnosis.  It may be that you are seeking to develop a friendlier relationship with your body.   Sometimes we can get stuck or fixed in patterns of thinking and feeling that are not helping us or in habits that we know are not healthy.  I

I work with people of all ages and abilities and including those with PMLD, neurodiversity and learning difficulties.   I have a lot of experience of working with clients who don’t use words to communicate, due to brain injury.

How is movement or moving helpful? 

Movement can be thought of as a metaphor for change.  Sometimes when we are  feeling burdened or depressed or stuck, a small shift in our posture can affect a big shift in our attitude, in the way we feel about ourselves or the world.  I support people to work mindfully and creatively with the body so that movement can become part of the process, even if it is just the breath that moves.  

Places of tension and pain in the body often have corresponding and painful thoughts in the mind that can interfere with our ability to relax, communicate and relate.   By working safely and creatively with the whole person, their stories, memories, their breath, sensation, movement, imagination and the present moment, patterns of healing and growth can be liberated, and we can move towards health and balance.

Moving and Being is underpinned by a person centred, humanistic approach which recognises the potential of individuals to move towards growth and integration given the right circumstances and conditions to do so.

My experience with somatic movement practices, movement improvisation and as a dance movement psychotherapist working in schools, hospitals, hospices, mental health centres with children and adults combines  to offer a uniquely embodied approach to health and well being.

I am Vicky, more about me …

Qualifications :

Masters in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) – Roehampton University ’06 – ’09.  Registered with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists.  Fully insured with PPS and qualified to practice privately.   Since 2009 I have worked with children and young people (SEN, PMLD, MSI and VI and Physical disabilities)  in educational settings, including parents and families.  I also have experience of adult mental health and learning disabilities.

Post Graduate Certificate ‘Arts for Change’ ’04 -’05- Roehampton University.  This course provided an excellent,  grounding in child development and the impact of trauma and neglect and experientially introduced me to a broad range of creative mediums and interventions.

ITEC Anatomy, Physiology and Massage ’01-’02- Kingsway College.  I practiced for some years and this grounding in body work allowed me to explore other practices such as Shiatsu, Bowen Technique and Lomi Lomi massage which all contribute to my understanding of the integration of the body systems.

3 Yr Certificate in Contemporary Dance ’90-’93 – London Contemporary Dance School.  At the forefront of contemporary dance practice I was immersed within the arts and went on to both perform, to create and to promote and deliver community dance projects.  Following my technical training I pursued somatic and release based forms of movement that privileged an ‘inner listening’ that lead me eventually towards my therapeutic training.

Current Projects : – Click on the link for more details.

Facilitator : Body Mapping workshop / intensives for adults. I studied with Annette Schwalbe on her mentorship scheme after having made several body maps with her. I found that this was such a creative and transformational process, and it is now such a privilege to share it with others.

Dance Movement Psychotherapist at Linden Lodge School . Children and young people with learning and behavioural  difficulties, sensory impairment and physical disability.

Dance Movement Psychotherapist with children under 5 and their families at Eastwood Nursery in Wandsworth. http://www.eastwood.wandsworth.sch.uk/index.html.

Dance Facilitator for Corali Dance Company.  Additional to working on Corali’s Youth project I am also a lead artist on Demonstrate! an SEN project for Oval House.

Dancer – Entelechy Arts Ambient Jam – an improvisational relational space for able and PMLD adults.  See their blog : play.https://ambientjam.wordpress.com

Experience :

Arts Participation Project Management : South Bank Centre ’93 – ’98 and Dance Umbrella ’98 – ’01..

Community Dance Teaching and Choreographing : Islington Arts Factory, South Bank Centre, Oval House, The Blue Elephant Theatre, Sure Start Islington.

Somatic movement practice and research :  contact improvisation and Skinner Releasing Technique; study, practice and performance with artists such as Gaby Agis, Rebecca Skelton, Stephanie Skura, Rosemary Lee, Miranda Tufnell, Lucinda Jarret, Florence Peake, Jennifer Monson, Helen Poynor, Prapto Suryodarmo (’94…ongoing).

Street Theatre and Circus :  stilt walker, dancer and performer working with Joanna Peacock, Divine Company, Bolli Darling, The Wrong Size (’98-’09).

Dance in Health : Breathing Space Arts in Health in children’s hospices and hospitals (’07 – ’12)

DMP with Children : Coral Community Assessments, Chance for Children,

Mental Health and Learning Difficulties : Highgate Mental Health Centre, JMC Day Centre, Merton;